THE BEGGAR'S Theatre in Millom has lit up red in support of a national campaign, highlighting the struggles of those in the art industry during this challenging time.

The theatre lit the interior as they do not have the capacity to light the exterior.

Theatre manager Jakki Moore said: "It is important to us here at The Beggar's to be part of the bigger Arts activities. We feel it is important to keep the arts in the minds of our community as we have been closed since March and there is no sign of reopening anytime soon. People love to watch TV and youtube, etc - theatres are where such artists and actors begin.

"We need to stay alive and keep our community entertained once we are open again.

"Here in Millom, we need to be part of the UK Arts, we are not just a small venue in a rural place.

"We bring in a massive amount to the local economy and Cumbrian economy and put Millom on the map. I am very passionate about what we do."