A HEARTBROKEN mum has spoken about her frustrations after her son Harrison, who has cerebral palsy, was denied a place at a college which they had hoped would offer him the independence that he craved.

In an emotional social media post, mum Jo Holmes said: “He (Harrison) desperately wanted to go to Beaumont Lancaster, who were safely going to look after him and support his music talents.

“We’ve just had a call to say Cumbria County Council don’t agree!”

Speaking to The Mail, Jo said: “I can’t believe it, he has been so excited to go. He’s had an overnight stay there already and he loves it.

“He is so happy because they have music therapy, their own radio station, and recording studio - so he is absolutely made up with the whole place. We just can’t tell him.”

Jo had received the phone call during a family camping trip in Windermere to say Harrison, 18, had not been accepted.

Beaumont College in Lancaster run the Outreach Centre in Barrow and they have said that he is not suitable for the Barrow college, which is a big contradiction in itself as they will fund the Barrow one.

“His freedom of choice is being taken away” said mum Jo. “He has seen his brother and sister grow up and go to college and university so in his head that’s what he should be doing when he gets to 19 too.

“It’s going to be a huge let down to tell him.

After posting to social media, Jo said she was inundated with ‘gorgeous messages’ of support.

She said: “I can’t believe already that the community are saying ‘don’t you worry, enjoy your days away and we’ll back you up’.

“The college is so perfect for him, it’s safe as well. College is a lot, he can’t go anywhere except for in the college and he’d come home every weekend.

“They will help to teach him to be independent - how to do washing, ironing. He’ll have his own room and have a carer on the site.

“It’s amazing for Harrison and I know he would absolutely thrive there.

“He has been at Sandside School since he was four and the last two years he has been taught how to live independently, that has been his aim. And now he is now he is not getting that chance.

“As his mum, I would definitely say I want him home, but it is not about me, it is about Harrison and what he wants. I want to put up a fight for him, not for me.

“It’s just one big nightmare for us. If you have a special needs child you spend your whole life fighting for them and he’s coming to adulthood and we’re absolutely exhausted.

“We don’t want to fight anymore - we just want what’s best for him.We will find that strength and fight.”

Cumbria County Council said: “The council’s assessment concluded that the young man’s education needs can be met locally by the Beaumont Lancaster campus in Barrow. Additionally, the council agreed to fund attendance one day per week at Beaumont Lancaster for the young man to access their media and performing arts provision.”