A MAJOR support package for the arts is welcome news to anyone who loves the theatre and other cultural venues.

The £1.57bn support package comes as a blessing to some venues who have struggled to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

Many felt that not allowing theatres to reopen but allowing pubs to fling wide their doors was unfair on all the actors, musicians, backstage staff and managers struggling to get through the lengthy lockdown.

It is therefore disappointing, but understandable, to see that Ulverston's Coronation Hall will not be reopening for live performances.

As director Beth Kennedy explains on page seven of today's Mail: “The health and wellbeing of our audiences, our hirers and our staff and volunteers is our top priority.

“Whilst Covid-19 is still a public health risk, we feel we cannot in good conscience encourage large numbers of people to spend time together inside.

"It is also not financially viable to run the building and host a programme at the reduced capacity required for social distancing.”

Venues like this are so important to our communities.

And hopefully once they feel able to reopen their doors, the people of Cumbria will flock back to these venues to allow them to flourish once more.