PRIME minister Boris Johnson is facing a backlash after he claimed that many care homes didn’t ‘follow the procedures’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Boris Johnson said: “We discovered too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in the way that they could have, but, we are learning lessons the whole time.”

Tarn House, Walney, and Parkview Gardens, Barrow, are both ran by local authority Cumbria County Council (CCC).

County councillor and cabinet member for health and care services, Patricia Bell, said that she is “shocked rigid” and that Boris’ comments are not those of a leader of a statesman whatever his political leanings.

She said: “Considering the support they have had, Boris and the nation should be praising these care homes and workers. They have been completely traumatised by it all.

“I am really angry. I would like to give everyone of those carers a hug if I could.”

Ormsgill Labour councillor Bill McEwan said: “I think it is absolutely shocking. He has come out and said that, he didn’t mean to say that, but he should think twice before he jumps.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous to blame what happened on the care workers. They are as stretched as far as they can go, they’re doing their best for everybody and the deaths that were caused in these homes are just outrageous.

“There is no PPE here, nothing at all. And it’s all because of a bad government decision in my opinion - sending them out of hospitals and into care homes and then just leaving them to die is absolutely horrendous.

“This is what we’re up against, this man is just not real. This is a man who could be sat in front of a nuclear button and then say ‘well, I didn’t mean that’.”