Happy Birthday Little Tick….

This week, resident panda princess Tick celebrated her first birthday with some juicy bamboo shoots.

Tick was born here at the zoo on July 4, 2019 with her twin brother, Tock, to dad Pan and mum Tink - Peter Pan fans will appreciate the theme running through all four names.

Little Tock moved to Krakow Zoo in the middle of June as part of the breeding programme to hopefully start his own family in the not-so-distant future and help conserve the future of the species.

We’ve included some throwback photos of Tick and Tock over the past year to celebrate their special birthday.

The goslings get their markings

During lockdown, our pair of barnacle geese became proud parents to two little goslings.

This week, we were taken aback that these guys, seemingly overnight, developed their traditional barnacle goose markings!

Roo feeding returns

We have not yet been able to relaunch our experiences or hand feedings as yet as additional risk assessments and observations are underway to ensure these can be conducted safely for the animals, staff and visitors.

However, we were able to relaunch our animal food bags yesterday, so visitors can help us feed Rufus and the rest of his kangaroo buddies.