There has been much discussion about whether Boris Johnston's Government has made the right decision in opening up parts of the economy, with the coronavirus pandemic still raging.

In other parts of the country, opening up pubs and hotels might seem low down in the list of priorities, but up here in Cumbria it is vital.

A large portion of the county's economy relies on tourism, and without our hospitality industry a lot of potential visitors would be put off holidaying in the Lakes.

Furthermore, July 4, or 'Super Saturday' as it has become known, went off without too much trouble in Cumbria.

While scenes of chaos were played out in the cities, residents and visitors alike in this county enjoyed a few sociable drinks and were largely seen to have stuck with social distancing.

This should be welcomed, as the continued easing of government lockdown restrictions depends on keeping the spread of coronavirus down, which in turn relies on people abiding by our 'new normal'.

There are still many businesses who are either prevented from opening or feel it is still unsafe to do so - and the only way to change that, and to really kickstart the region's economy, is to continue fighting the spread of coronavirus by sticking to good hygiene and social distance practises.