A POST office at the heart of the Millom community is under threat of closure as the coronavirus pandemic continues to have a grip on businesses in the area.

Community champion Jenny Brumby has raised the concerns to the public after speaking with Millom Post Office store manager Elaine Houston - calling the stores closure a ‘high possibility’.

Jenny took to social media to say: “How could you cope if Millom Post Office closed? After talking Elaine Houston today that could be a high possibility.

“Our little independent shops are struggling more than ever and to add to their troubles we continue to shop at big supermarkets.”

If Millom Post Office were to shut, residents in the area could face having to travel to Haverigg and Barrow to access their nearest branches.

Jenny said: “Elaine took over the Post office some years ago and has tried selling lots of different lines of products so the post office could stay open. Unfortunately as many people find it less time consuming to buy their lottery, cards, sweets, gift cards, newspapers stationery from Tesco now Elaine’s business is in difficulty. So if you want to ensure we don’t loose any more shops or services then start buying again at your Post office and other businesses because if you don’t use them they will close. Elaine needs your help now more than ever so please help. Please remember, Elaine Houston stayed open for you in lockdown now its time to help her save her business.”

Elaine Houston said: “We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who come through our door this morning, it truly does mean the world to us knowing we have your support.”

She also gave thanks to Claire Young for giving her flowers to cheer her up.

She said: “Together, we can do this.”

Deputy mayor of Millom Ruth Peter said: “People don’t often take into account that Millom is so geographically isolated. They’ve got this idea that we can just nip into Barrow and it’s not that simple. It (the post office) is a real life line for Millom people and it would be very, very sad to see it go. The whole town would have to reorganise, it’s already been reorganised because of covid-19 - so this would not be the icing on the cake.”

To visit the store and support Elaine,, visit Monday- Friday between 8.00am-3pm or Saturday 8am-12.30pm.