WITH the ongoing coronavirus pandemic it would be nice to have the figures put into perspective.

My sympathies go out to all families who have lost loved ones to the virus.

The media, ie television, appear to have made a great deal of deaths reaching 500,000 worldwide.

As the global population is around seven billion this is a small percentage. When you look back to the Spanish flu pandemic there were 50 million deaths.

It would be appropriate if, when mentioning the number of deaths, it could be put intocontext. It does seem at times that the media does seem to like going for the worst-case scenario and worrying and depressing people.

I feel that on the whole the population are sensible and try to do the right things in preventing the spread of the virus.

If the media could play their part as well and just try to be positive and optimistic, then hopefully we will get through this eventually.

Chris Slack

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