Dear editor,

A comment on the recent attacks on our statues and history.

The slaves for the Atlantic slave trade were sold by black native slave traders to white slave traders.

In Africa millions of black slaves had been taken and used by other black people for millennia.

Brutal slavery was totally accepted by humanity around the world.

The reason there are not hundreds of millions of slaves on every continent today is due to Britain and the British Empire. The British abolition of slavery was an unprecedented revolution in human though and life. It is perhaps our greatest contribution to human progress.

Why then should we allow our ancestors’ statues to be torn down when they were doing exactly the same as all the other races? Why should we accept guilt for something we stopped when all others carried on?

All this is an attempt by Marxist so-called protestors to create a sense of guilt, enabling them to wipe out British history.

Who controls the past, controls the future.

M Robson

Address supplied