GATHERINGS of people who have picked up takeaway alcohol have been discouraged.

Residents have raised concerns after groups were seen hanging around outside a pub.

The Brown Cow, in Goose Green, Dalto,n has warned people to avoid gathering in the area.

It urged people to ‘use common sense’ and to wary of how much they drink, with no public toilets open in the area.

Mounds of rubbish were also seen in the area, although there is no suggestion those buying alcohol were to blame.

The pub also vowed to closely monitor the number of people in queues and how much they are allowed to drink.

Bosses from The Brown Cow said: “After you have your takeaway drinks please don’t hang around in the area.

“We know the majority of people are following and sticking to the guidelines on social distancing but there a few who are spoiling it for others.

“Remember there are no toilets in the area for the public to use, so be wary of the amount you are drinking.

“We will be monitoring everything very closely. i.e how many in the queue. If this gets too big we will stop and close the doors until it calms down.

“We will monitor how many times people are coming back for drinks. If it gets excessive unfortunately you will be told no.

“We have to monitor the situation due to the guidelines.

“So please be sensible and use common sense, enjoy this weather while its here, take care and stay safe.

“We look forward to seeing you all soon. “

Pubs are preparing to reopen their doors to revellers when they are allowed to resume trading from July 4.

Guestbooks cataloguing information from pub-goers to help with coronavirus track and trace measures could be among the changes that will greet revellers.

One-way systems will also be in place alongside table service and remote ordering.

Staff will be wearing protective equipment and are being advised to work with the same team members on shifts.

Paul Williams, the chair of the county’s Police Federation union, said he was expecting ‘mass breaches’ of social distancing guidelines when watering holes reopen their doors to customers on Saturday.

He called on the public to be sensible and be mindful of the pandemic when they return to pubs.

Mr Williams said: “I think it’s going to be a very unpredictable situation for police in the whole of the country.

“Police are preparing for mass breaches of social distancing.”