COMMUNITY figures are championing Barrow, despite the town recently being revealed as having the biggest population decrease in England. Readers were asked why they thought Barrow's population was declining.

Al Edmondson: "We have a great coastline, close to the Lakes, but no town centre. Barrow is better than a lot of places I've been in the UK."

Richard Howsley: "Unfortunately, we are the land that time forgot; look at our local infrastructure... the state of the roads, sub-standard train service, town is locked off from the M6 if there is a crash on the only main road out of here. Any other towns in the country like ours?"

Janet Quinn: "We came back to Barrow after living in different places. Barrow-in-Furness is far better than a lot of places, be grateful people. (We've) got the beautiful area we live in - sure the town could be better but I’ve seen far worse."

Victoria Jones: "Things I love about Barrow: Family and friends; beaches; Barrow Park; Furness Abbey and woods; lighthouse; Piel Island... I live in Manchester but I’m very grateful I get to come back and appreciate all this."

Lauraine Johns: "Have a look at the so-called town centre - they're more concerned about building the so-called marina village down the docks, thinking it will bring money to the 'town'. They live in airy-fairy land."

Carl Burton: "I do think we need the marina to bring more to the town. Shops would do great from it as we need visitors, but the town centre is a total disgrace - they really need to invest."

Marion Hardy: "Love my Barrow. There's a heck of a lot worse places to live."

Chris Grennell: "Yes Barrow-In-Furness isn’t exactly paradise on Earth and not at all the place it used to be back in the 70s and 80s era, but it has distinct advantages: lower property prices, it’s away from the pollution and the noise of cities, motorways and railways..."