A CUMBRIAN theatre owner is looking for artists who are looking for a venue to perform in.

In a communication on The Beggars Theatre website, Jakki Moore, the company director reassured its supporters that they will open in the future, and expressed interest in seeking artists.

The post said: “We are in limbo at the moment. We don’t know when and how we will open but I wanted to reassure you that we will open.

“I will be getting in touch with all our acts for the Autumn-Winter season to see what their thoughts are.

“We already have some pencilled dates for rescheduling some of the shows.

“If the act lives far away, then it really might not be viable for them to pay the costs of travel and accommodation on top of all the marketing and other overheads for a limited audience.”

“If you are an artist looking for a venue to play, please do get in touch.”

To contact Jakki and the team, email: jakki@beggarstheatre.com.