An invasion of dangerous giant hogweed ‘needs removing’, according to a concerned Barrow resident.

The invasive weed, which can grow up to several metres in height and can be very dangerous to humans, has grown out of control around the 40mph sign on Park Road, Barrow.

“It’s a very nasty plant,”said Ian Farrell.

“It’s on the verge covering a large area They can get up to eight feet tall. They’re massive, they need removing.”

Mr Farrell said he tried to report the problem to the council, however he said he had been unable to get through.

A Cumbria County Council spokesman said: “The council is looking in to this issue and will schedule plans for removal as soon as possible.”

The sap from hogweed is toxic and can cause skin sensitivity towards sunlight, this can cause blisters, burns and scarring.

Giant hogweed is not a native plant, and was first introduced into Britain during the 19th century.

The plant originates from the Caucasus Mountains which spread across Europe and Asia.

“It’s lucky not many people walk down that road,"said Mr Farrell. "It needs sorting out before it goes to seed.

“If they do go to seed and the seeds spread that’s amplifying the problem.

“If people’s kids get in contact with it it’s not nice.

“I just don’t want anyone getting harmed by it.”