Annoyed Barrow Resident said:Surely now the time has come to fit compulsory speed limiters to all cars, that can be programmed to work on GPS technology for the road in question. Why do some young people pass their driving tests then immediately become morons, speeding, drinking and driving, driving dangerously with complete disregard for other road users and pedestrians, and being abusive such as sticking their finger up when confronted on their behaviour? More hidden police speed cameras are needed on all the local roads where higher speeds can be reached. Something serious needs to be done urgently to stop these deadly or potentially deadly incidents before more innocent people are killed or badly injured. Also stop fitting those devices that make boy racer's cars backfire! What is the point in wasting fuel, revving your engine, making your car backfire, disturbing and seriously annoying people including children and babies who may be asleep, and making yourself look like a moron? There's nothing at all clever about revving car engines in Hollywood Park and driving about like maniacs. It's just showing what complete idiots you really are!

Hermes10 said: Police should use a few of those portable, motion sensor cameras that are to used to combat fly tippers and trying to find Bigfoot.

Brad Thud said: Let's not penalise the majority for the actions of a tiny minority. You can't force back-fitting of technology to cars anyway; there is no legislation to allow such a thing. That's why airbags, seat belts, etc. are only compulsory for cars that have them fitted. New cars in 5 - 10 years will likely have some kind of GPS management but it will have an override for emergency situations, so unless these boy racers run round in brand new cars and are honest enough not to flip the override switch it's a pretty futile suggestion all round.

All you need is stronger deterrents for careless and dangerous driving. Crush the cars of those who persist, and make jail an option for repeat offenders.