What do the stars hold for you this Tuesday? Astrologer Russell Grant reveals all...

Aries (Mar21/Apr20): Beware of becoming preoccupied with the past. Dwelling on things you can’t change is a waste of valuable energy. It’s much more productive to bring your attention to the present moment. Take stock of where you are and give thanks for your blessings. When you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, it’s easy to attract the things you want. In times to come money, love, creative opportunities and travel will be yours for the asking. It’s as simple as lifting the veil between fantasy and reality.

Taurus (Apr21/May21): Friends are losing their influence over you. That’s not because you are indifferent to their opinion. It’s simply due to the fact you are determined to follow your own path during these self-isolating days. Blessed with tremendous creative talent, you’re compelled to bring beauty into the world. Being involved in a group is no longer possible so give yourself permission to break away from it. Your defection may hurt some people, but that can’t be helped. You’re no longer interested in going through the motions.

Gemini (May22/Jun21): Your career plans are obviously undergoing some changes. If you’re not happy with how your current industry works, take a look around you at what else is on offer. A multi-talented person like you can thrive in virtually any job. Find an employer who will pay you handsomely. If you’re worried about what people will think about your new direction, breathe deep. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that your nearest and dearest are only concerned for your happiness. Drop the act and embrace your authenticity.

Cancer (Jun22/Jul23): Be willing to learn something new. So much of your identity is caught up with your expertise. As soon as you give yourself permission to venture in a new direction, the easier it will be to realise your full potential. If you’d like to cultivate a more spiritual life, explore your options. What makes you feel connected to your higher source? Activities can include anything from adopting a formal religion to communing with nature to performing sacred rituals. Be open and experimental.

Leo (Jul24/Aug23): Are you afraid of intimacy? Stop pushing yourself so hard to merge with someone else. Closeness will come naturally if you are patient. Once you begin to appreciate a partner who has demonstrated their love and loyalty, you’ll let down your defences. It’s best to keep your bank accounts separate. You’re not the type who likes to justify every expenditure, especially since you put so much emphasis on luxury. Keep a joint account for shared expenses and maintain a discretionary fund for yourself.

Virgo (Aug24/Sep23): It’s important to assert your independence with a business or romantic partner. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do some things on your own. Forging your own path will strengthen your resolve to be happy. It’s so important to get the mental stimulation you crave during these testing times. If you’re single, you will see your relationship status as a blessing instead of a burden. It will be much easier to earn an advanced degree when you don’t have to consider someone else’s needs.

Libra (Sep24/Oct23): Your work situation isn’t as stable as you’d like. Instead of waiting and wondering, start looking for a new position. If you’re a freelance worker whose assignments have dried up, think about taking a position at a company. Earning a regular income will keep the wolf from the door. It will also teach you some valuable skills. By working remotely and looking at all the positives of such an arrangement, you will reap tremendous rewards. Never underestimate the power of optimism.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22): You’re ready to revise a plan or project. Although you were initially happy with the results, you’ve come to notice some small cracks in the foundation. Take this opportunity to make some small adjustments. This will add to the potential packed possibilities of your good work. A romantic attraction that once captivated you is starting to lose its power. Be honest about your feelings. If you no longer want to hitch your star to someone, break things off as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21): Stop putting so much emphasis on what your family wants. Although it would be nice to please your nearest and dearest, your priority should be meeting your own needs. This might mean sequestering yourself in a quiet corner of the house and hanging up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs. The key is to be guided by your emotions. When an idea feels good, it’s worth developing. You’re a lot more intuitive than you realise. Don’t get thrown if a relative questions your judgment. The answers you seek are within you.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20): It’s difficult to be optimistic when you’re confronted with upsetting current events. Beware of becoming even more immersed in a news cycle that thrives on fear. By immersing yourself in uplifting stories, songs and movies, you’ll make an important realisation. Reality is of your own making. Giving your energy to things that fill you with excitement and hope will make you more aware of life’s inherent beauty. People are much kinder than you suspect. Keep your eyes open for the helpers in the world.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19): The importance of money is losing its hold on you. That’s because you realise you have everything you need to survive and thrive. Instead of wasting precious time yearning for creature comforts, you’re smart enough to give thanks for all the luxuries you possess. Strangely, this attitude makes you much more magnetic to abundance. Rather than working hard to earn cash, you’ll conjure it as if by magic. Great things happen when you tap into the law of attraction. Start experimenting with it now.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20): Blending in with the crowd came naturally to you, but that’s not possible now. The desire to be unconditionally accepted is starting to fade. When confronted with ideas you find upsetting or offensive, you’ll speak up. People might be shocked by your contentious behaviour. It’s not that you want to start an argument; it’s simply that you don’t want to be lumped in with ugly beliefs. Your willingness to speak as you find will win the admiration of people who were previously indifferent to you.