Our guide to all the soap action for the week ahead (EastEnders is in hiatus for the moment until filming can resume):

Coronation Street (ITV)

Remember VE Day a few weeks ago? Well that's how far behind the Weatherfield lot are due to staggering the episodes in these strange times.

So while Carla sets about decorating the Rovers for said celebrations, Seb plucks up the courage to tell Alina that he still has feelings for her. Which is obviously bad news for Emma.

Meanwhile, Tracy persuades a reluctant Leanne that they should have a family day out as it would do Oliver good. She agrees and Leanne is thrilled to see a flash of the old Oliver at a petting zoo. However, her happiness is short lived.

David is amused when Shona steals Ray's wallet; he explains that is how they met, but later he is stunned when she leans in for a kiss and suggests they have sex.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Continuing to bridge that gap between reality and the fantasyland of soaps is this week's socially distant helping of Dales drama. And like many, Chas is struggling because the pub is closed.

While she's feeling cut off from her old life, Paddy seems to want to drink the cellar dry. He might be making light of things, but it's clear he wants to get things back on track between them.

Marlon is also having a hard time coping. Not only is he living in another house due to plumbing issues at his, but his kids April and Leo are holed up in other properties in the village. To make matters worse, Ellis has invited his dad Al to live with them, and it's not long before tension rears up. Will Ellis finally get to learn why Al wasn't a better father? And can Marlon and Al survive the lockdown under the same roof?

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Jordan obviously takes part of Hollyoaks High's environmental fair literally because he thinks it's the perfect time for Juliet and Sid to sell drugs.

Though Juliet manages to shift her dodgy gear fast, and promises to help Sid sell his stash tomorrow, so he puts it in her locker. However, the duo panic at school when they overhear PC Kiss talking about the sniffer dog.

Elsewhere, Sienna asks Sally for her job back, and after Liberty tells Damon that she'd had a naughty dream about Brody, she also reveals that she's got the baby's gender in an envelope. A gender reveal party might cheer everyone up...

Neighbours (Channel 5)

Will three prove to be a crowd when Naomi turns up for a threesome with Chloe and Pierce?

Well, it turns into something of a debacle, so Pierce and Chloe put all their energy into finding an exciting headline act for the Pride event. The star turn, drag queen Courtney Act, leaves Paul red faced when she enlists him as her assistant.

Elsewhere, Toadie and Dee exchange harsh words over Heather, and following the blazing row, the duo must decide if their relationship can survive.

Mackenzie is optimistic when her father Grant arranges to come to Erinsborough, but Dipi and Shane know the real reason for his visit.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Ryan's father Evan abandoned him as a kid, so he has a lot of explaining to do this week. The question is: why has he turned up now? Though Ryder doesn't want anything to do with him, Roo warns that he might regret his decision.

Following their drunken kiss, Jasmine finds it hard to face Colby, but they have a chat and she explains that she feels there is nothing for her in the Bay. Though Tori, Irene and Marilyn persuade her to stay, Justin is suspicious about her behaviour.

There is good news and bad news for Ziggy. She's thrilled that she passes her mechanics exam, but then her face drops when Ben tells her that he and Maggie are splitting up. And while Ari is unhappy that Tane is back, Marilyn is unhappy to see the Paratas go.