This week’s winner of The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is a care worker who has put everyone’s needs before her own during lockdown, even having to move away from her family.

Michelle Williamson of Ribble Gardens, Barrow, has been nominated by her friend and employee at Reliacare Dawn Green for working tirelessly to give people forced to stay in their homes the best possible care, working on average nine or 10 hours per day.

In order to go above and beyond for others, Michelle had to move out of her family’s home and leave behind her husband and four children because her husband is under high risk of contracting coronavirus.

Dawn Green said: “Michelle puts everyone and everything before herself. She supports all staff and clients by going above and beyond.

“She makes hard days more bearable and can always help you whenever she can.”

Michelle, 39, is described as ‘caring, compassionate and helpful’ and her effervescent personality has made her popular with her colleagues - even if her ‘seriously bad’ sense of humour is sometimes brought into question.

Dawn said: “She has an amazing sense of humour that gets us through some hard days.

“She deserves this award because she believes that everyone should be able to stay in their home and receive the care they deserve.”

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