CUMBRIA County Council has released information on which roads in Barrow will receive maintenance treatment from the £275,00 allocated to Barrow from the £4million project.

The work will take place between 1 June and the end of August 2020.

Scheduled to start on June 8 is work on A595 Tippins Lane

On July 1, 2020, these are the roads scheduled to have maintenance work done: A590 Ironworks Road, A595 Tippins lane, Holbeck Road to Yarlside Road, Yarlside Road to Parkhouse Road and Manor Road.

From July 3, 2020 work is due to take place on Ironworks Road and A595 Tippins Lane.

Surface dressing prolongs the life of the surface layer of the road which delays the need for expensive solutions such as full road reconstruction.

Surface dressing extends the life of the road by sealing the surface, thereby preventing the road surface from deteriorating and delaying the development of potholes.

It also helps to waterproof the structural layers of the road and improves resistance against the freeze-thaw weathering.