A large number of vehicles gathered in Barrow in a mass show of support for an alleged victim of sexual abuse.

Demonstrators gathered in the town’s Hollywood Park before taking part in an organised vehicle convoy to Ulverston and back.

A viral social media post, published by the young woman, has been shared thousands of times and has led to a groundswell of support.

The protest was also attending by controversial political activist Tommy Robinson, who also attended a similar protest in the retail park last week.

This week, Mr Robinson has been posting updates on social media showing him in the town as part of a documentary project he claims to be working on.

His return to Hollywood Park follows his appearance there on May 25 when his visit caused controversy over apparent breaches of social distancing rules.

The family of the woman at the centre of the abuse allegations condemned Mr Robinson when he visited Barrow last week.

In a statement they said: “We want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with us and we do not want him involved.

“We are a peaceful family, who condemns any form of racial hatred. We are appealing for calm from the good people of Barrow. Thank you again so much for all your support.”

Anti-racism campaigners pre-empted the appearance of Mr Robinson in the town by staging a socially-distanced protest in Barrow town centre on Wednesday.

Activists from Unite Against Fascism’s Barrow and South Cumbria branch stood on Dalton Road calling for ‘Justice for the victims - no to racism and fascism’.

The group has urged residents to add their name to the ‘Barrow Unity Statement’, which accuses Mr Robinson of exploiting tension caused by the allegations to ‘stir up racial hatred’ in the town.

The statement said: “We, the undersigned, oppose attempts by the fascist ‘Tommy Robinson’ - real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - to exploit a sensitive, local issue, in order to try and stir up racial hatred and to attempt to divide our community.

“Our thoughts are with the family concerned, and it is to their enormous credit that the family do not want Robinson’s involvement, and that they condemn any form of racial hatred.”

Simon Fell said in a video posted on Facebook yesterday: “People want justice and they want to know the authorities are listening.

“I want that too and I want us as a community to pull together and remember what’s made us so strong over these last few months.

“There are those on the far right who looking to capitalise on it. who are hoping that because you’re worried that because you’re fearful you will turn to them.

“They won’t bring justice for anyone in this case, they will sow discord and bring anger.”