SCORES of fast food fans were lovin’ it as McDonald’s reopened its drive-thru for the first time since the country went into lockdown.

Motorists queued in their numbers around Hollywood Park, eager to their hands on a Big Mac.

Lines of cars snaked round the retail park and past Apollo Bingo and Dunhelm as the drive-thru thronged with fast food lovers.

The Barrow McDonald’s was one of more than 600 of the chain’s restaurants to reopen for drive-thru and delivery this week.

Mail readers shared their delight at seeing the branch back up and running.

Writing on Facebook, Karla Irvine said: “Can’t wait for a Filet-o-Fish.”

Vaughn Preece said: “Just been, I’m stuffed.”

Others expressed concerns about the drive-thru reopening.

Layla Davie said: “Please take your litter home with you or put it in the bin.

Aaron Jackson said: “Dread to think the size of the queue waiting.

Julie Sharp said: “Just seen the queue. Ridiculous.”

Staff in the store were wearing masks amid a number of changes the chain has made to its stores for safety reasons.

Social distancing has been introduced in the kitchens and service areas to help create a safe working environment for restaurant teams.

McDonald’s said it has brought in perspex screens at drive-thru windows.

All McDonald’s employees are being asked to confirm they are fit and able to work and contactless thermometers will be used to take employee temperatures on arrival at work for every shift.

McDonald’s said its franchise holders would be working with the police and councils to ensure public safety as stores reopen.

It is more than two months since McDonald’s decided to completely shut all of its UK restaurants as the coronavirus outbreak worsened. In May, the chain announced that it would be reopening 15 restaurants for delivery only.

A total of 924 drive-thrus are set to have reopen by today in line with government guidelines and with strict social distancing measures in place.

To manage anticipated demand, McDonald’s said it will be releasing the locations of the reopening restaurants on the morning of each day.

Announcing the changes, McDonald’s said: “This is only possible following the hard work of the teams in our 44 pilot restaurants.

“Over the last fortnight, our employees, franchisees and suppliers have worked tirelessly to implement new procedures to enable safe working so that we can now help all parts of the UK and Ireland to enjoy the return of the Big Mac.”

There has been no announcement on when non-drive-thru McDonald’s restaurants, such as the branch in Dalton Road, will reopen.

Hungry drivers also battled queues of up to an hour when Barrow’s KFC reopened nearby last month.