THE tragic death of an octogenarian after he was ‘attacked’ by a herd of cows in the Yorkshire Dales has led to renewed calls for vigilance and caution around livestock.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said emergency services were called out to Saturday’s incident near Ingleton but the 82-year-old, who was out walking with his wife, 78, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The spokesman said the man, from the Lancashire village of Foulridge, had been ‘attacked by a herd of cows’.

A spokesman for the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) said its team was called out at around 1.30pm and that the incident occurred on the path between Low Sleights and Ivescar.

He said the walker’s wife ‘sustained a leg wound and was taken to hospital’ while one of the two terriers the couple was out with required veterinary treatment.

CRO sent its ‘sincere condolences to the gentleman’s family and friends.’

Though the exact details of the tragedy have not been publicised, there have now been been renewed calls for caution around cattle.

District councillor James Airey, an Urswick farmer who keeps a small number of suckler cows, said: “If you’re on a footpath or walking through land where there are cows, in particular if you have got a dog, keep the dog on a lead and make sure you have got an exit where you can get away from the cattle.

“These cattle have maternal instincts and basically all they are doing is trying to protect their calves.

“They are a big lump of an animal and if they do come at you you do put yourself in extreme danger. So keep a good distance.”

Cllr Airey advised walkers to talk alternative routes if possible if they came across a field with cattle and calves.

“When they have got young calves at this time of the year, it is better to stay clear,” he said.