The gradual easing of lockdown this week has largely been welcomed by residents, many of whom are anxious to get back to a sense of normality as soon as it is safe to do so.

However, the easing of lockdown has thrown up some unexpected problems.

One such problem is parking. When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, councils were quick to abolish car parking charges in order to give keyworkers free parking, and when lockdown was eased slightly it allowed people travelling to exercise to park at a distance from each other and not have to rely on public transport.

But now that non-essential shops are reopening, some councils are bringing back car parking charges.

As we report on page ten of today's The Mail, South Lakes District Council has decided to reintroduce car parking charges, albeit with an exception for essential workers and NHS staff, while Barrow Borough Council has taken the opposite approach and decided to keep parking free for the time being.

Both approaches have merit. By keeping parking free, Barrow residents can boost their high street, which was already in desperate need of help.

And residents in the South Lakes can be freed of the terrible traffic problems that were seen over the weekend in the Lake District, with tourists jamming into every car park they could find.

One size does not fit all.