SIGHT Advice in South Lakes are hosting an event about Charles Bonnet Syndrome which is a common condition experienced by people living with sight loss.

The condition causes people who have lost some of their sight to see things that aren’t really there, like hallucinations, resulting in fear and uncertainty for the individual, their friends and their family.

Evidence shows that the stress and anxiety of lockdown has resulted in a substantially increased number of people experiencing symptoms recently.

RNIB (2019) share research which suggests that when you see real things around you, the information received from the eye stops the brain from creating its own pictures.

When the level of vision deteriorates the brain receives insufficient information and fills in gaps by releasing new fantasy pictures, patterns or old pictures that it has previously stored.

It is very important to remember that the hallucinations are caused by sight loss and are not a sign of a mental health condition.

Sight Advice are working in partnership with the charity Esme’s Umbrella a national charity run by Judith Potts.

They are delighted to be able to welcome Judith who works tirelessly to increase understanding of the condition and encourage research into the syndrome.

She will present about Charles Bonnet Syndrome and there will also be time for questions and answers on how individuals can seek support.

This event is on Monday, June 8 at 2pm and is being delivered on Zoom, but there is also an option to join the session by telephone for those without internet access.

Zoom meeting details:

Access by phone 0203 481 5237 and enter the meeting code 812 2310 4564 (Please check call costs with your telephone provider).

Please contact 01539 769 055 for support accessing Zoom or more information.