Will there be a local lockdown in Barrow?

Well, that is entirely up to the people of the town.

As we report on page two of today's The Mail, Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently confirmed that localised lockdowns could be used as we begin see a decrease in infection rates.

This could essentially mean that somewhere like Barrow, which recently had the highest infection rate in England, according to Government statistics, could be subject to more stringent measures, than say, Liverpool or Manchester.

But as local MP Simon Fell has pointed out, these measures will only be needed if the people of Barrow and south Cumbria stop adhering to guidelines.

So far, despite the startling statistics - the people of Cumbria in general have been responsible, sensible, and caring towards each other.

There are of course examples of people flouting lockdown, but these have largely been people coming into the county from elsewhere, or evidence of a very tiny minority.

But as we begin to see a gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, please remember that the relaxation of these rules is no excuse to completely disregard them.

If anything, the opposite is true - the easing of lockdown restrictions demands more vigilance.