A SINK hole on a Furness pavement has prompted a swift response from highway teams.

Askam residents discovered a small sink hole located on Duke Street on Thursday morning.

Highways services responded to the reports and cordoned off the sinkhole with barriers.

Cumbria County Council operations team created an alternative route for pedestrians to safely pass through the area without injury.

A sinkhole is a hole in the ground caused by a collapse in the levels of earth and rock below the surface.

Ben Shirley, councillor for Askam and Ireleth, has urged residents to ‘take care’ around the area and observe the safety barriers currently in place.

He said: “Thank you to the many residents who alerted me to this.

“I immediately raised the situation with our highways team and Cumbria County Council operations team have been out to Askam to make the footway subsidence on Duke Street safe with barriers.

“Thanks to the team for responding so quickly.

“I am assured that a work ticket will be raised as soon as possible to open up the footway so that engineers may see what is causing the subsidence .

“In the meantime, residents are urged to take care around the area and to observe the safety barriers in place.”