BARROW’S MP said he was ‘delighted’ by the government’s U-turn to scrap the surcharge for foreign healthcare workers in the UK.

Simon Fell spoke to The Mail about the government's decision to scrap the surcharge for migrant workers in the health service and care sector - currently £400 for non-EU migrants and set to rise to £624 in October - which was made just one day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the levy in Parliament.

“I’m delighted by the news," said Mr Fell.

“It seems perverse to levy the charge on foreign workers in the health service and I am glad the Prime Minister listened to the calls from backbenchers to scrap the surcharge, which they had been making for some time.

“This is the right call.

“I campaigned to get rid of the charges both during the election campaign and [have continued to do so] since becoming an MP.

“I think one big reason he has moved to do this is because of lobbying from backbench MPs and another reason may be that he was recently treated and his life was saved by migrant workers in the NHS. Without wanting to sound too armchair-psychologist, I think that may have played a part in the decision.

“I think it’s really positive news and I’m very pleased this kind of dialogue is taking place between government, MPs and the constituents of the areas they serve."

The decision earlier this week was viewed by some as a minor victory for the leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer.

Mr Starmer pressed Boris Johnson on the charge during this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.