A LAKE District inn has been making sure even the smallest visitors aren’t ever without a place to bed down.

A number of ‘bug hotels’ have been constructed by staff in the woodland which surrounds The Wild Boar, located between Windermere and Crook.

The brainchild behind the unique accommodation was Mike Coates, who runs clay pigeon shooting and other activities at the inn.

Mr Coates said: “We’re always looking at ways to improve the woodland environment around the hotel.

“Native insects are the unseen heroes of our natural world, pollinating our plants and providing food for many other species.

“With widely-reported declines in insect populations, we wanted to give them a helping hand with a few more places to stay and make their homes.

“We have over an acre of space per guest here at The Wild Boar so there’s plenty of room for everyone.”

Seven bug hotels have been created by collecting and stacking trees and branches which have been blown down by wind. It is hoped the structures can improve biodiversity and create a more ‘balanced’ ecosystem by supplementing insects’ natural habitats.

According to the Woodland Trust, huge numbers of insects and invertebrates ‘live among the leaves, under bark, in dead wood and on the woodland floor.’

Tim Berry, of English Lakes Hotels, which runs The Wild Boar, said the inn’s ancient woodlands were ‘always a real tonic for guests to get away from it all’ with their ‘serene nature trails’ and other activities on offer.

And, thanks to the bug hotels, guests with many more legs and of a much smaller size will now be able to take advantage of the facilities too.