Test your sporting knowledge. Can you get ten out of ten?

1. Who was manager of Newcastle when they won promotion to the Premier League in 1993?

2. In which month does the FA Cup normally start?

3. Which football club was formerly known as Everton Athletic?

4. In which year did Paula Radcliffe last win the London Marathon?

5. And which Ethiopian ran the marathon in under two hours in the 1:59 Challenge?

6. Who got more Test wickets for England, Andrew Flintoff or Darren Gough?

7. How many players are on the rink at the start of an ice hockey game?

8. Which football club plays their home matches at the Highbury Stadium?

9. Which English rugby union side play their home games at the Recreation Ground?

10. In which US state to the New York Jets and New York Giants play their home matches?

Answers: 1 Kevin Keegan; 2 August; 3 Liverpool; 4. 2005; 5. Eliud Kipchoge; 6. Darren Gough (229); 7. 12; 8. Fleetwood; 9. Bath; 10. New Jersey.