A great deal of patience may be needed over the coming weeks, as some firms slowly but surely return to business.

When the coronavirus pandemic first hit, supermarkets had queues around the block, leading to shortages of certain foods and essential items - not to mention toilet roll.

Now, as some stores begin to reopen, there may be another period of intense demand where stores get very busy.

Anecdotally, DIY stores have been very busy since reopening, making social distancing even harder to maintain.

And on page five of today’s Mail, we show how motorists queued up along the A590 as Barrow’s tip opened for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Fast food chains have been working hard to work out how they can reopen their drive thru restaurants safely - and rest assured when chains like McDonald’s and KFC reopen there will be huge queues and plenty of frustrated people.

Similar surges in demand can be expected if and when coffee giants Costa and Starbucks reopen their stores.

Everyone misses the creature comforts to which they had become accustomed - be it coffee, or cheeseburgers, or sausage rolls - but please try to be considerate when your favourite store reopens.