AS Cumbria police responded to over 100 calls of people flouting lockdown rules over the weekend, Assistant Chief Constable, Andy Slattery has said he will study the 50 page document closely to see what the new rules will mean for people driving to the Lake District for daily exercise.

Cumbria police responded to calls of people breaking lockdown rules within in the county and some travelling from Essex to the Lakes, London to Scotland and Scotland down into Cumbria.

Mr Slattery explained: "We had a busy day Friday with VE Day and this carried on into the bank holiday weekend.

"All we have at the moment is what the Prime Minister said in his statement last night. We will have to look at the 50 page document and see what people are and aren't allowed to do."

He will study the government document in "detail" later on but urged people not to rush to the Lake District as our infection and death rate remained high.