A SPECIAL set of Top Trumps-style cards has been released to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Langdale/Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team (LAMRT).

The ‘Rescue Team Trumps’ game comprises 41 playing cards, each featuring a colourful illustration and important safety tip reminding people to, for example, take a compass and carry enough to drink. It is hoped adults as well as children will benefit from the safety advice.

“Kids have a habit of passing messages on to their parents,” said Sarah Anderson, deputy team leader at LAMRT. “If you go out for a walk and you’re just taking your phone, if your child knows that you should have a map, they’ll say ‘have you got a map?’ If they think we have done something stupid, they’ll tell us.”

On each of the cards a character associated with LAMRT is depicted. This might be man, machine, or four-legged friend, and included in the illustrations are caricatures of the majority of the team’s members as well as Miss Anderson’s dog, Rowan, who spends a lot of time at LAMRT base.

The character illustrated on each card has a series of attributes. These attributes - for example, the calories in the character’s favourite snack or the height of their favourite mountain - are always the same, but the values vary. The simple-to-play game sees players win opponents’ cards by reading out these numbers in the hope that they will have higher-value cards.

Miss Anderson said any profit made from the cards once the production costs had been covered would go straight back into the team to support the work it did keeping people safe on the fells.

Nick Owen, team leader at LAMRT, added: “It [the game] is a fabulous idea. It’s great that they are going by post to people and

giving them a bit of entertainment while we are locked down.”

The Rescue Team Trumps can be purchased by searching for them at rigu.co.uk.