A DISABLED woman is 'furious' after a group of young boys intentionally coughed through her window, potentially infecting her with coronavirus.

Nicola Potter, 49, of Exmouth Street, said she has been experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 after two boys spluttered through her open window.

Mrs Potter, who has three different types of epilepsy, was sat reading her book by her window when she started hearing cough and sneeze sounds.

She said: "I was sat on my chair by the window reading my book when my husband suddenly said woah and spotted kids outside intentionally coughing and sneezing through the window.

"One of them had a cap on with black hair and they were both around 14 or 15.

"They were laughing and joking about it.

"I couldn't believe it."

Following the attack, Mrs Potter said she was up most of the night coughing and sweating.

She said: "I think they've given me coronavirus.

"Even though they were fake coughing and sneezing, spit was still coming out their mouth and onto my face."

Mrs Potter and her husband, who is diabetic and suffers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, have been self-isolating for the past three weeks to prevent catching the virus.

"We've not seen kids and grandkids for nearly three weeks," she said.

"We're doing all we can to keep ourselves safe then kids come along and do something like that.

"We're making sacrifices to stay safe but now we could be infected anyway - it isn't fair.

"One moment has taken away three weeks from us

"We're petrified now we're going to need to go to hospital and put more strain on the NHS."

Mrs Potter is urging other residents to remain vigilant.

"People need to keep an eye out for this sort of behaviour," she said.

"I think these kids are picking houses in the area to see if they're old enough to be robbed.

"These kids think it's a joke but people are dying from this."