A KIND-HEARTED plumber is helping the most vulnerable and heroic in society with free call-outs and repairs.

Tom Allonby, owner of MAC Plumbing, Dalton, is offering free repairs to NHS workers, the elderly and the disabled - as well as offering a 50% discount to anybody else who is in need of plumbing assistance.

The plumber has been self-employed since the end of September and says that there is a lack of support for people in his position - but that has not stopped him from giving back to the community.

Mr Allonby said: "I've been quite busy, since last Wednesday I've done 38 jobs - 15 of them were free.

"I carry wipes, gloves and I also have a two part respirator.

"I tell the customers to stay away and see if they can isolate in another room.

"I'd feel awful if I passed anything on.

"I don't mind carrying out the repairs for the NHS workers - they are in a lot worse of a position than I am.

"I started offering my services to the NHS first - my dad had a stroke in August and they gave him fantastic care through the three months that he was in hospital.

"Some of the criticism that they get is really unfair.

"I just thought I'd open the free repairs up a wee bit as well as the 50% off.

"I'm not in it to make a lot of money at the moment - I see big companies exploiting people and I can't understand it.

"I don't feel like what I'm doing is amazing, it's just what you should do."