BEST friends who found love through their faith walked up the Hoad in Ulverston as part of their 'perfect' wedding day.

Connie Svatins, 24, a professional actor, and Dan Blundell, 23, a sales liaison at Arnold Clark, first met whilst they were both enrolled at Kendal College.

The pair, who now live in Swarthmoor, were both studying performing arts and quickly became best friends.

The now Mrs Blundell said: "We were just best friends, then Dan kissed me one day and it just went from there.

"Dan's always grown up in a Christian background and I became a Christian after I met him.

"He taught me about the Lord and what it means to know Jesus.

"He had such an amazing outlook on life, he was such a loving and kind person

"He was such an odd-ball at college and wasn't afraid to be the odd one out, I really admired him for that."

Mr Blundell described his wife as 'so kind' and 'always putting herself out there'.

The pair became engaged in 2018 during a trip up the Hoad in Ulverston which the couple say is 'hugely special' to them.

Mr Blundell said: "I wanted to ask Connie's dad's permission before I proposed.

"I needed some time alone to pray and actually found a hut in Ulverston to think about everything

"Soon after I got there I decided to ask her dad for her hand in marriage."

The couple were walking through the woods behind the Hoad when Mr Blundell popped the question.

Mrs Blundell said: "It was completely unexpected.

"The relationship was always going in that direction but I still had no idea it would happen."

For their wedding day, the pair had an open ceremony at the Emmanuel Christian Centre in Ulverston in front of 150 people.

"We wanted it to be an open invite to our whole congregation," Mrs Blundell said.

"It was such an incredible atmosphere and felt so special.

"Our church is like a spiritual home to us so it was so important we got married there."

The pair then went to the Olde Mill in Bardsea for their reception where they were joined by 100 guests in the day and a further 50 at night.

Mrs Blundell said: "It was the best day of my life. There's so much pressure on a wedding day but everything just went perfectly.

"We actually went and got our wedding photos up the Hoad which was a laugh. We both absolutely love it there."

For their honeymoon, the newlyweds enjoyed a two-week cruise around the Caribbean.

All photography by Ladybird Photography.