Elizabeth Smith said: “Stay safe I have family in Ulverston and I live in Southport - it is terrifying.”

Anne-Marie Thompson said: “It is getting really bad now - if they are having to do this.Well done to you.”

Stacey Mitchell said: “This has sent shivers down my spine.”

Emma Louise Dodd said: “My heart is breaking at this. A place of learning, laughter and friendship needing to be converted into a hospital. It’s just awful. I really cannot wait to wake up the day this is all over. Stay safe everyone - let’s hope this doesn’t go on for too much longer.”

Rachel Brown Buckley said: “I think this is a good thing. Hopefully freeing up acute beds in hospital or allowing Furness General Hospital to expand their acute capacity. We all know school is not going to open until way later in the year. A great facility to help all that are helping the poorly. I think this will go on for months... Hopefully lots of people getting mild symptoms, self isolating and getting better. For the very vulnerable after 12 weeks the virus will not have gone away so those people may have to isolate for a lot longer until a vaccine is available. It’s hard on everyone in some way but to get a facility like this is great. Helping more people to recover. This still is only really the beginning.. Nobody likes being stuck at home and social distancing but if we don’t... The consequences are dire. Hopefully when tests are available to see if a person has had the virus then they can be released either back to work out to help in a facility such as this.”

Leanne Taylor said: “Hopefully people will realise now how serious this is! Stay home!”

Boring Dave said: “Sounds rather ominous. Looks like we’re in for a long haul. Stay safe.”

Sharon Smith said: “Let’s pray there wont be any need use it.”

Paula Grime said: "We've had a email from school today they are using it for additional beds to help the NHS."