Sharron Peachey-vickers said: "Sorry but if people still don't get this then lock them up. I live on St Luke's Street, the footfall hasn't really changed - scary."

Barbara Knagg said: "If people are not going to abide by the rules set out to help conquer this virus, then a short sharp reminder is what they need. All power to the police!"

Mark Chesher said: "The police have a hard enough job to do - do as you are told or be arrested, simple."

Boring Dave said: "Although most of the rules are sensible, they are not laws, so the police have no right to fine anyone. The rules themselves are not clear. For example, it does not say that you cannot drive somewhere for exercise, and someone has been fined for travelling to by ' unessential items'. Yet the shops which sell them are classed as 'essential'. The public are going to get more and more frustrated unless things are defined more. Now I am off to drive to the coast road for my exercise."

Brad Thud said: "Poor implementation aside, further attempts to tighten these 'rules' will result in the opposite effect, in my opinion, as people openly rebel against this assault on their freedoms. The message from the government should have been to 'please be sensible' together with advice that the police would re-iterate but not attempt to enforce. The majority of people, including myself, would willingly go along with this and that would be enough to flatten the curve. Ironically, if literally everybody did obey the rules to the letter and not come into contact with anybody else, the curve would not be flattened, it would be deferred and six months down the line we'd be in a worse situation than we are now."

Steve Lanyon said: "Policing by consent, only some forces have broken the law and are being investigated for their actions - be careful what you wish for."

Lorraine Griffiths said: "They should be locked up."