Well, the zoo is certainly a lot quieter over this past week but rest assured the team are still giving each and every one of our residents the care, love and attention they both need and deserve.

First up this week we are asking for a wee bit of help from our supporters.

As you will imagine Safari Zoo relies on admission fees for income.

With no income coming in, we look to our supporters for help.

We know these are uncertain times but any donation no matter how big or small will massively support the ongoing care of our furry, feathered and scaled residents.

Sponsor a meal for an animal from £5, donate via a £10 e-doption which includes an admission ticket valid for two months from when we reopen or buy an annual pass or ticket to use when we do reopen, valid for 12 months.

Visit www.shop.cumbriazoo.co.uk/Donations_-_2020/cat4408732_4684078.aspx

Now that’s out of the way, some exciting information.

These four Canada Lynx brothers have been with us for one week now and are settling in just perfectly - one of the advantages of the zoo being quiet.

So, everyone, we are proud to introduce;

Lowe - in honour of a very special lady, supporter and zoo benefactor

Logan - the highest mountain in Canada, a nod to the roots of these beauties

Saguenay - in memory of the 21 Canadian sailors lost when their boat, the HMCS Saguenay, was torpedoed on 1st December 1940. The boat was able to make its way to Barrow-in-Furness, where those lost were laid to rest. Of the 21 killed, only 8 were buried, all of whom lay resting in Barrow.

Nuna - Inuit for the land