Dear Editor

The National Police Federation Chairman has expressed concerns in the press that the reputation of the police could be damaged by the necessary enforcement of measures to combat Covid 10.

While we understand his concerns because policing in the UK is as he says, by consent, we don't think they have anything to worry about. The vast majority of people in the UK will respect the police enough to not put them in the position of having to enforce the rules.

It's important that the police know the community are right behind them and that we understand that they are trying their best to save lives and to ease the pressure on the NHS.

This is an extraordinary crisis and the measures that have cross-party support in Parliament are essential and temporary and we stand solidly behind all our emergency services in this difficult time.

We were on opposing sides as recently as December in what was at times a hard-fought election campaign but there are times when politics takes a back seat to community need and this is one of those times.

County Councillor Tony Lywood