A CARER took extreme steps to protect herself from coronavirus during a trip to a Barrow supermarket.

Elisabeth Ashleigh, from Bardsea Bird Sanctuary, decided to take these drastic measures when taking a trip to Aldi in Barrow in order to keep herself, her birds, and the special needs children she cares for safe from coronavirus.

She claims that she is taking the virus seriously and strongly believes more people need to as well in order to ease pressure on the NHS, but Elisabeth believes there's nothing wrong with making people smile at the same time.

“It is very necessary isn’t it, especially for me as a carer,” she said.

“Myself and my daughter both look after children with special needs

“I also have birds to look after, so I can’t afford to get ill really.

“It is hard not to let things get you down at the moment, so this is something a bit light-hearted.

“I couldn’t get my shopping delivered due to the high demand, so I had to go to the shop myself.

“I am just trying to make silly out of a senseless situation.

“At the same time though, we have to save the NHS from extra work and take this seriously.

“As long as this protects me in order to protect others I think it is fine.

“I got a wide berth from some people in the shop, but some actually walked quite close, so mixed reactions.

“Unfortunately I left my shopping list under my suit so I didn’t get everything I needed in the end.

“I was wearing my Ali G suit from a previous fancy dress party, which I had sprayed with Dettol, so I stunk of bleach. I was also wearing my pigeon mask.

“I would like to say though that I am not showing off, I am taking this virus seriously, as should everyone else.”