David Armistead: "I'd like to here some feed back from either police or council on how our town is performing re: lock down measures - good or bad - just to concentrate minds."

Sharon Marie Thompson: "Most definitely needed - some people are not listening and staying in. Of course you can go out for food medicine and some form of exercise. But people are taking advantage of this due to the glorious weather. The longer we stay in, the sooner the lockdown will be over. Then we can all enjoy the summer."

Mail readers had plenty to say about the news police would be out patrolling the streets of south Cumbria to enforce the government lockdown announced earlier this week.

Carmen Carbajo Thompson: "Thank god the police are doing the rounds. Good on them. When I was going to work they were patrolling the Holbeck area but not a soul was around. Strange feeling. Well done to Barrow police."

John Price: "Didn't see one today. And loads of people are out. It's not just a nighttime disease like people are treating it."

Julie Higgs: "Well, I went through town today and yes they were out stopping people and asking where they were going. They asked me and I was glad they were asking people."

Emma Teresa Brown: "Absolutely. The Coast Road beach was full of people yesterday, kids building sand castles and Birkrigg was full of families having picnics (according to a delivery driver). When will people understand this is not a holiday? Stay home unless absolutely necessary."

Emma Kenny: "My experience of today is it's the old people who aren't listening. Had a guy aged 75+ telling the lady in the shop to get lost when she asked him to step away from me and back behind the two-metre line. He threw his basket on the floor and left the shop. She said that's the third elderly person today that had sworn at her. Been told countless times over the last few days that 'it's all ridiculous' and 'over the top' and not by anyone younger than 70!"

Sara Kelly: "Parks too! Abbotsmead was rammed with kids today"

Yvonne McGill: "People are still ignoring advice."