FIREFIGHTERS who were called to a house over a suspected gas leak feared there could have been an explosion.

Three fire crews were dispatched to a home in Barrow after paramedics reported the smell of gas.

The large response was prompted by fears of loss of life or an impending explosion at the house in Holebeck Road.

An ambulance had visited the house after a man suffered a suspected stroke.

Paramedics then called firefighters, fearing a gas leak after saying they could smell gas in the house.

Fire crews helped paramedics take the man out of the house and used breathing apparatus and a gas monitor as a precaution.

They were at the scene for around half an hour on Tuesday morning.

The man was taken to hospital.

Barrow station manager Roger Exley said crews were preparing for the worst when they received the call.

But he was relieved the incident was as not serious as first feared.

“We were called to the scene and helped out with the paramedics and helped the ambulance recover the gentleman from the house," he said.

“It was only a precaution.

“They had said they could smell gas.

“I think what happened is the oven could have been left on.

“There were three crews sent to the scene because that is the pre-determined procedure when there is a potential loss of life.”

Expressing his relief, he said: “When there is a chance of explosion you have to get there very quickly.

“There is a risk if you don’t get there quickly enough.”

Mr Exley wanted to inform the public that firefighters will be wearing gloves and masks in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

He said firefighters had been self-isolating.

“It’s nothing to worry about for people.

“We had staff self-isolating just like in any other workplace but we have managed to maintain proper staffing levels at all times.”