UNEMPLOYED taxi drivers are rallying together to provide free lifts to NHS workers amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Brian White and Michael Hoad, from Barrow, have started to set up a network of cabbies who have volunteered to provide free rides to NHS staff who work at Furness General Hospital.

The move comes after many of the town's taxi drivers became unemployed due to the lockdown caused by the virus.

The free service will be made available to all employees of Furness General Hospital.

It will not be limited to doctors and nurses.

“Let’s help the people that are helping all - respect," said Brian.

Taxi firm UBARO, created by the team behind Barrow Eats, are set to help the pair to make the scheme possible.

The firm is working swiftly to enable the volunteer drivers to use their booking system for free.

If you are available to volunteer your time and want to get involved, you must be a licensed taxi driver.

To find the group, you can search for ‘Free taxis for FGH NHS staff’ on Facebook.

The Facebook group has already gained 200 members since its inception on Tuesday night.

The group has been met with praise from members of the community.

One supporter called it a "fantastic gesture".

A post from co-creator Michael Hoad was shared over 1,000 times by thankful hospital staff, taxi drivers and local residents.

The Mobile Man, Barrow, has offered free masks to all taxi drivers who volunteer to take part in the initiative.