John Eccles said: “Police are patrolling the town centre. I was in Poundland trying to obey the 2 metre rule and a person stood right behind me and I politely asked them to move back.”

Stella Ryan said: “Yeah come on Barrow, we can do it! Good on its people.”

Allison Dale said: “Lots of people in Asda and not following the black arrows on the floor or staying two metres apart. Are people of Barrow really that stupid. All these new rules are there to try and save your life! And, this is how it’s going to be for quite a few months!”

Tracy Whitworth said: “I was in Boots in Barrow-in-Furness getting a prescription and Portland Walk was so quiet. No people in town. Only about four in Boots and everyone standing apart.”

Michelle Bradley said: “They’re all on Walney. On my way home from work I passed whole families on the prom sat eating ice creams, groups of runners etc.”

Dawn Green said: “Barrow is going to be the fittest town in the Northwest, never seen so many runners.”

Dawn Durrant said: “Good for Barrow it is a shame about Coniston, it is like the height of summer here - people walking all over, cars parked everywhere... Still not getting the picture and no police around to do anything about it.”

Cindy Graham said: “Most have had a jolly out to the beach - stupidity at its finest.”

Joanne Doherty said: “Can’t get over the groups of kids still hanging about.”

Vikki Elizabeth Currie said: “Try telling the kids that are playing in my mam's back street, not members of the same family - I think some parents are stupid.”

Steve Lanyon said: “Broughton Road in Dalton always looks like that.”

Shirley Gelling said: “What is wrong with people - sit in your own garden or yard. I’ve just sat out with a coffee and a book just for half an hour and I felt a lot better.”