After receiving a dreaded positive result for Covid-19, an elderly man and his family were left feeling nothing but dread and worry.

But despite having underlying health conditions and being set to celebrate his 72nd birthday next month, Keith Moore defied all odds, and is now recovering at home with his wife and 14-year-old granddaughter, Ellie.

"It was scary, and it was quite a shock that he got through it, to be honest, " Keith's wife, Janet said.

"He mentioned he was frightened a couple of times when he was in hospital, so it puts your mind at rest knowing he's home and nearly better."

Keith was first admitted to West Cumberland Hospital on March 16, after complaining of chest pains.

The next morning, Janet received the worrying news that her 71-year-old husband had tested positive for coronavirus.

"He had only got out of hospital a couple of weeks ago, so it was upsetting that he had to go back in, and we couldn't even visit him because we're in isolation," 62-year-old Janet said.

And with the retired granddad-of-six's underlying health issues, the family's worries were increasing each day.

"He already has COPD, and he was also diagnosed with chronic fibrosis of the lungs recently, so all of the odds were against him.

"It's scary because you you see every day people on the news that are young and fit and healthy, and they're the people who have died – you just haven't got a lot of hope when he's not really a fit 70-odd-year-old."

But after a week in hospital and endless support from NHS workers, the Mirehouse man was released on March 24, and is happy and safe at home – but still keeps his distance from Janet and Ellie.

"He has separate everything – his own towel and mug, everything," security officer Janet said.

"Friends and neighbours have been great getting us shopping in – they've been really good.

"But the hospital, they've just done a fantastic job. I can't praise or thank the national health staff enough for what they've done for us."

She added: "They work so hard and get so little – you can't fault them."

While Janet is thrilled to have her husband home and healthy, she is still worried for others.

She said: "People who are ignoring the rules and going out are damn stupid.

"The rules aren't there to punish people, they're in place to help.

"Nobody knows how long it's going to e before we're back to normal, so everybody should stick to what we're supposed to do."