AN ASKAM man in isolation sang to neighbours and residents of nearby towns in a bid to raise spirits during the coronavirus outbreak.

Radio presenter and singer Steve Forster live streamed himself singing and dancing from in front his front door, along with his partner Louise, yesterday.

Steve and Louise form the singing duo NE1 whose last performance before lockdown measures was on Steve’s 58th birthday on March 14 at The Phoenix Club, Newton Aycliffe.

But, this time their performance was for a crowd much, much, closer to home.

“I am on lockdown for 12 weeks as I have a quite serious underlying health condition with my lungs," said Steve.

“One of the exercises that I have from my consultant is to sing.

“It’s quite good. Anyone can do it, you don’t need to sound good.

“I live at Whinfield Place in Askam, there are a lot of vulnerable people in the area so I thought it’d be good to get the speakers out.”

Before the performance, Steve said that he had received around 30 song requests from people, including requests for dedications to loved ones who they are not able to go and see.

Nearby residents stood in their windows and outside their doors, making sure they were maintaining the government guidelines on social distancing whilst enjoying the joyful performance from Steve and Louise. The duo sang a range of songs, from Don’t Stop Believing to Go Johnny Go, and The Lady is a Tramp to Why Do Fools Fall in Love.

“I’ve been singing for most of my life really, since I was 13 years old," said Steve.

“I used to do singing professionally. Eight years ago when I started with my condition I was quite lucky and had a GP who was quite tuned in with respiratory conditions.

“I was put in touch with someone at Cambridge University who was looking into COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) and singing.”

Steve says that he spends most of his time feeling quite breathless, however he sings for an hour a day in an effort to keep his lungs in the best shape that he can.

He and the rest of the team of presenters at Cando FM, where Steve hosts the health and drive time shows, will continue to provide entertainment to the area by presenting their radio programmes from home.