Our readers have been reacting to Boris Johnson's decision to close all UK pubs

Karen Blezard said: "Not a Boris fan, but I think he's handling this as well as he can. He's in unprecedented territory and absolutely no-one knows what's best or the best way forward. but can't complain at his handling of this."

Tracy Stewart said: "Only places that should be open are convenience shops, supermarkets and pharmacies. Apart from the obvious police stations and hospitals, etc. If we want to save lives and kill this thing that is just what needs to happen. A life is more important than a pint or some clothing. Only my opinion."

Sheila Wilson said: "I also think the government is trying it's best for us."

Kelly Holmes said: "He has to do this as the young people would've filled the pubs and clubs this weekend."

Carol Dunford said: "Should have been done a couple of weeks ago."

Honor Cowell said: "I think they are doing a great job."

Geoff Buchanan said: "Should have closed the takeaway too , bet they don't use hand sanitizer or gloves or masks."

Hazel Smith said: "About time! It makes you think when the Conservatives have to use socialism to get us out of a crisis!"

Shelley Gibirdi said: "Had to be done because not enough people were taking it seriously."

Alex Rayment said: "Good but too late. Too late getting rid of the insane idea of herd immunity. Too late acting. We are on the same track as Italy when we want to be South Korea.

Jue Birkett said: "Well done Boris."

Dave Turnbull said: "Presume the beer aisle will be like the toilet roll aisle."

Susan Dwyer said: "I think that they have been brilliant."

Helen Gardner said: Absolutely the right thing to do!"

Keith Wilkie said: "Right thing to do, shock to the system! We have to protect our NHS... stay safe.