With toilet rolls and hand sanitiser now like gold dust, we welcome the 'elderly hours' initiative by local supermarkets.

Coronavirus hits the elderly worst of all so anything we, as a society, can do to help them at this time has to be worthwhile. So it's a great idea for stores to open at specific times so senior citizens can buy essential items without fear of panic-buyers stockpiling.

This is a stressful time for everyone.

But it's particularly tough for older people who may be on medication, or suffer with mobility problems, or may be waiting for non-virus operations or GP appointments without any idea of when they might now happen.

It seems likely that soon all over 70s may have to self-isolate for a period of time and we await further government guidance on this.

So please think of older relatives, friends and neighbours, and help them through these toughest of times.

Spare a thought too for schoolchildren who have been working hard in preparation for examinations in May and June which will now not happen.

The information from the Prime Minister yesterday was vague on how the government will compensate for these students being unable to complete their exams.

Hopefully all that effort won't go to waste and a fair outcome can be reached.