THE Mail’s readers have been giving their thoughts on the UK’s approach to the coronavirus outbreak and sharing their experiences.

Noreen Whalley said: “We have a massive overseas aid budget. Use as much as needed in ways that will help our own people including businesses that will fold if no help is forthcoming.

“Charity begins at home as they say.”

Graham Rushworth said: ”It is all very well telling people to avoid pubs and clubs but this leaves said businesses in limbo and neither able to function nor claim on insurance.

“Stronger lead needed from government but that would of course mean shifting the financial load to big business who the PM owes big time for their donations during the election. Come on Boris, you wanted the job, now get it done.”

Robyn Williams said: “No wishy washy vague advice, no actual closures so business can’t close and make a claim on their insurance for loss of income, all advice not instructions.

“I imagine it’s to play the blame game later on ‘not our fault’ we advised all of you, therefore abdicating responsibility on to business owners and the like, well done for looking after everyone.”

Martin Wadsworth said: "I think the UK Government is doing what’s best for the country and its people.

“We’ve seen Italy on lockdown and still see a huge spike in deaths. Their businesses will struggle to recover.

“It’s in the people’s best interest to react and take precautions, most of which people should have been doing anyway.

“Wash hands to avoid colds, flu, etc. I respect what we are being told by our government.”