We all love going to the theatre and enjoying a night out at a show.

And goodness knows at the moment we could do with some escapist entertainment like never before.

But these are the most extraordinary times, so however disruptive and frustrating it may be, the decision to close The Forum until further notice is a sensible one.

We are at the stage now where this kind of precaution has to be seen as commonplace. While it's irksome for people who were looking forward to upcoming events at the venue, the move is understandable in the current climate.

Restrictions on hospital visits must also be upsetting for patients and their families. But again, the decision-makers have a bigger picture to consider.

They have to do what's right to protect everyone in their care, as well as their staff who must be stretched to breaking point.

As we learn of more cancellations and changes to events, travel and other day-to-day pleasures that we previously maybe took for granted, we will need to do what human beings are capable of doing very well - and that's adapt.

If this means spending more time at home, this gives us the opportunity to be close to our loved ones. And at the moment, this is far more important than any theatre show.