Nestled away in the Lake District, is Brockhole near Windermere, where you will find the visitor’s centre, full of daring people ready to take on the Treetop Trek.

This adrenaline-inducing day out is not limited to those who can drive.

The visitor’s centre can be easily reached by train, with the bus station ideally situated outside of Windermere Station - which then drops you off right outside of the entrance.

As I arrived at reception, with my teenage sister in tow, I was cheerfully greeted and welcomed to Treetop Trek.

Here we were briefed on the do’s and do nots, and wondered what we had let ourselves in for.

As we waited for the rest of the daring group who would be sharing our time-slot to arrive, we were impressed by the number of dogs who were fussed over by the Treetop staff - certainly making the multitude of family’s warmly welcomed.

An instructor arrived and helped us on our way into our safety harnesses. We were then led outside and placed into two’s.

With an easy-to-follow demonstration from the instructor on tightening each other’s straps, we were ready to head to the next station.

Next we arrived at a small platform, barely above ground level, where the instructor gave us hints and tips of how to get across some of the courses obstacles, as well as how to comfortably seat ourselves within the harness for the courses many ziplines.

Our group was a mixed-bag, ranging from the completely inexperienced to the wildly confident, and from the young, to the not so young.

Before we knew it we were whisked up the wooden stairs within the main base of the Tree Top Trek.

As we had opted for the full Treetop Trek experience, we were told that we would be using the ‘Mini Treetop Trek’ to get used to being at height.

This lower level course featured 16 obstacles, with a maximum elevation of five metres.

We stumbled our way across the shaking platforms, clenching the ropes for dear life.

My sister Kacie made easy work of the obstacles, the complete opposite of myself, who had about as much grace as a startled Bambi.

After around 40 minutes we had made it to the next stage - the highest obstacles at the course.

At this point, we were now 18 metres in the air.

As I tentatively took the first step onto the higher course, I reminded myself that this had a minimum age of seven - I could do this.

After realising I didn’t fear heights as much as I thought, I began to imagine what I’d be like competing on Ninja Warrior with my new found confidence.

We started chatting to a father who was behind us, with his young son.

The young boy had ziplined across most of the course, being pushed along by his dad with a huge grin across his face.

In front of us were two boys, the more confident of the two shouting words of encouragement to his shaking friend.

This was comradery at its finest.

After finally battling the 32 challenges that the full Treetop Trek experience provided, including swinging logs and slim wooden planks, we had made it to the top of the tower.

It was finally time for the finale - a 250m decent down to the shore of Windermere.

Kacie and I stepped onto the platform and waited as the small wooden ledge was opened and we braced ourselves for what was next.

As we stepped off the edge and descended down the zipline, the rush of flying over the people and cars, and down to the shore was incredible.

The cold rush of air as you picked up speed was quite literally breathtaking.

All in all, it took an hour and a half to complete the courses, and it was an experience that I will not forget in a hurry.

If you are the type who loves to be pushed out of your comfort zone - this is the day out for you.

And if you’re not? Do it - you may just surprise yourself.

For the full Treetop Trek experience you can expect to pay £33 for adults, and £25 for juniors.

To book with Treetop Trek, or to see what other experiences that they offer, visit